Bloomberg Wants Bruins!

Bloomberg street view

Last week the UCLA Career Center was invited to visit Bloomberg’s headquarters in New York City, NY for their annual University Day.  UCLA is one of only 24 schools nationwide that Bloomberg invited to this exclusive event to attract more top technical talent.

What do you think of when you hear “Bloomberg“?  For most people, Michael Bloomberg (founder and former NYC mayor), financial information, and media are the first things that may spring to mind.  However, in terms of college recruiting, Bloomberg wants you to think of them as a tech company like Google, Facebook, or Apple.  Their primary hiring need is for Software Developers.

Bloomberg university list

Table assignments by university. You’ll see UCLA spent the day at a table with our “rivals” USC and Cal.

Work Environment

It just wouldn’t be a tech company without a lot of free food for employees.  They serve breakfast every morning, soup at 11am (for which the employees rush to the 6th floor en masse – it’s quite a sight to see), candy every afternoon, dinner at 8pm for those who are working late, and ice cream on Fridays.  And it’s not just a lot of food, it’s GOOD food.

There are no solid interior walls except for the user experience lab, where a team of researchers, designers, and engineers observe clients utilizing their products in order to gain insights and make improvements.  Not even the CEO and executives have office walls, nor does the “green room” where guests wait for their “on air” time in the TV and radio studios on the 5th floor.

We weren’t allowed to take photos of much of the interior of the building, but Business Insider did in 2012 when they spotlighted Bloomberg LP as one of the 15 coolest offices in tech.

Bloomberg horseshoe

The building is shaped like a horseshoe.  This symbol of good luck and fortune pervades Bloomberg’s culture.

Why NYC (aka Silicon Alley)?

New York is a rapidly expanding tech hub with over 3,000 tech companies located there.  Well established companies such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, Spotify, Etsy and Yelp have NY locations, as do thousands of emerging startups.

Check out Made in NY for more info about the tech industry in NY and visit this Jobs Map to see where there are job openings at NY tech companies.

Bloomberg 29 view

View from the 29th floor of Bloomberg’s NYC office. That’s Central Park on the left. Not sure about you, but I could get used to this…

Opportunities for College Students and Graduates

Software Engineer Interns at Bloomberg get to work on real projects that will actually be used.  Their training is dynamic and hands-on and they have an opportunity to work alongside a cohort of fellow interns, as well as an assigned mentor.

In addition to the quality of the professional experience they gain, interns also get to enjoy a number of fun social perks including picnics, tech talks, game nights, contests, community service, and free museum admission throughout NYC for the summer.

Bloomberg group photo

UCLA Career Center staff, Dr. Bill Goodin, Bloomberg recruiters, and Bloomberg’s current UCLA interns at University Day 2015.

Full-time entry-level hires with a CS background go through a 12-week training bootcamp in which they work with various teams in order to determine their best fit.  Full-time entry-level hires with some relevant technical training/knowledge, but without a CS degree, go through a more intensive 16-week training class and come out the other end as software engineers!

When can you meet Bloomberg at UCLA? UPDATED 10/12/15

Don’t miss your opportunity to meet them in person to express your interest and learn more!  View our full list of Fairs & Events as well as our tips to help you Prepare for Career Fairs.

Mon 10/12: CS Internship Career Fair. 1pm-4pm.

Mon 10/12: UPE Honors Mixer. 5pm-6pm.

Tue 10/13: Computer Science Showcase. 6:30pm-8:30pm.

Wed 10/14: 2015 Engineering & Technical Fair Day 1. 11am-3pm.

Wed 10/28: Tech Talk. 6:30pm.

Wed 10/28: On-campus Interviews

Thu 10/29: On-campus Interviews Day 2

What do Bloomberg’s current UCLA interns have to say?

We were fortunate enough to meet five current summer interns over cupcakes to learn more about their experience at Bloomberg so far (they were in Week 3 of the internship).  They were clearly having a great time and had built up camaraderie with each other – laughing, smiling, and sharing stories.  Watch the following videos to hear two of the interns share some tips and insight with their fellow Bruins about the Bloomberg experience.

Why should UCLA students consider interning at Bloomberg?

How to prepare for an internship at Bloomberg?


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Finally last but not least, you of course want to intern with the best companies in LA but you don’t know how to narrow down your scope. Read our book of lists:

Los Angeles Business Journal: The Lists 2013

This great resource has tabs that organizes industry information and gives you statistics on the top companies in LA. It breaks down how many employees work for the company, company address and webpage, and who their clients are. The book of lists also ranks companies within their industry. Here are the Top Ten in Media, Advertising, Public Relations, News, Radio and Television

1. Advertising Agency: TBWAChiatDay Los Angeles (

2. Advertising Agency: Rubin Postaer and Associates (

3. Public Relations: Edelman (

4.Public Relations: Davies (

5. Newspapers: Los Angeles Times (

6. Newspapers: Investor’s Business daily (

7. Radio: KIIS-FM/KVVS-FM (102.7/105.5)

8. Radio: KFI- AM (640)

9. TV: KABC (7) :

10. TV: KCBS (2):

To find internships within these companies, visit their websites and look for opportunities, check out for more opportunities (summer, part time, paid and unpaid internships) on the BruinView job board , and keep an eye out for opportunities on our Opportunity Lists also found on BruinView under the resources tab. Check out to see even more listings under the students tab>click on internships and opportunity lists to maximize your internship search!!!

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